Micro essay scholarship

Small businesses often thrive on its enthusiastic, passionate entrepreneurs that stand up to the odds against them and forge ahead with the notion they can change the world. Are you passionate about small business in the American economy? AX Control, Inc. A final winner will be selected by June 20th, All decisions are final and may not be appealed. The award will be sent directly to the financial aid office of the winner's institution.

This is a one-time award, and does not renew. The scholarship is open to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years of age or older at the time of the application deadline, who are or will be enrolled at least part-time at an accredited college or university.

Friends and relatives of AX Control, Inc are not eligible to participate. By entering, each student authorizes AX Control, Inc.

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For questions or concerns email Muirae Kenney at muirae. AX Control Inc. This website is not sanctioned or approved by any manufacturer or tradename listed. Designated trademarks, brand names and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.

Copyright - AX Control Inc. My Account. Fast Quote. Academic Scholarship Small businesses often thrive on its enthusiastic, passionate entrepreneurs that stand up to the odds against them and forge ahead with the notion they can change the world. Application Deadline The essay must be submitted in completion by June 1st, Scholarship Details The scholarship is open to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years of age or older at the time of the application deadline, who are or will be enrolled at least part-time at an accredited college or university.

One entry per student; multiple entries will be ignored.Sort through hundreds of college scholarships and signup for personalized updates. Eligibility Applicants for this award must be a U. Students pursuing a teaching career at the university level are preferred.

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Eligibility This scholarship is available for students pursuing their masters and doctoral studies in oceanography, marine biology, and all other science, engineering, and related social sciences. Eligibility This national scholarship opportunity is for students pursuing a teaching degree for art related fields.

The funds from this scholarship are to cover the costs of the NAEA convention, as well as travel stipends. Must be a member of NAEA and be working towards their art teaching career to apply.

Eligibility To qualify, student-athletes must compete in soccer, tennis, or golf for the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA in a Division I school and, at the same time, demonstrate excellent academic standing. See website for more details.

AX Control, Inc. Academic Scholarship

Eligibility Applicants must be enrolled in, or plan to enroll in, a supply chain management program. Eligibility Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.

Eligibility Students with cystic fibrosis are eligible for awards. High school, undergraduate and graduate students may apply. Eligibility To apply for this scholarship, students must have a GPA of at least 2.

See website for details. Eligibility Applicants for this scholarship must be enrolled in a graduate nursing program at an AACN member school of nursing, and must be, or apply to be, a GNSA member.

Eligibility To apply, students must be pursuing a career that involves regular use of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Khmer or Burmese, have an undergraduate degree, and be at or near advanced level in the language of choice. Eligibility Take a short quiz, share a guide, and enter to win a scholarship. Eligibility Take a short quiz, share it, and enter to win a scholarship. Eligibility The goal with this scholarship is to create an even-playing field where students are not given an advantage for standardized test scores, GPA, financial need or academic circumstances.

Applicants must be a U. Eligibility The scholarship advocates students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math STEM disciplines. Both undergraduate or graduate students who are pursuing STEM field of study and attending an accredited college or university are eligible to qualify. Eligibility The scholarship is merit-based, need-based and aims to encourage students to pursue sports journalism as a career.

Applicants must be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time taking or planning to take journalism courses. Applicants must be AAJA member and committed to its mission. Eligibility Any full-time graduate or undergraduate accredited student with a GPA of 3. Eligibility Candidates with a physical disability may apply. Awards have been given to students who use wheelchairs due to spinal cord injury, wounded veterans, people with congenital birth defects and people who have lost limbs.

Students must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science, math, information technology IT or a law degree. Students studying under the DACA program are eligible. Applicant must be a woman enrolling or enrolled as an undergraduate student in the US and must submit a complete application, including essay questions. For more information click "Apply" below. Must be currently enrolled in an accredited university to be considered.A micro-scholarship is an amount of money that students are eligible to earn based on individual achievements throughout 9thth grade.

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They are awarded by colleges and universities who partner with RaiseMe, and each college or university creates their own program of micro-scholarship. Colleges decide what achievements they want to award and how much they will award to students who meet their eligibility requirements which can be found on their College page.

No - micro-scholarship dollars are awarded by the college partner. All eligibility requirements and deadlines must be met in order for the dollars to be awarded, and they are awarded in the financial aid package before the student's freshman year begins. Each college can choose which achievements to award money for, and how much.

Yes, you can earn from multiple colleges at once by Following all the ones you're interested in. However, you'll only receive the scholarship funds from a school if you are accepted and attend that college. Colleges can set maximums on earnings for students via RaiseMe. Of course! The amount you earn on RaiseMe is the minimum amount that the college will award you if you enroll in their school. However, the college can always decide to award you more scholarships based on merit or need once they see your application for admission.

micro essay scholarship

Read the details about getting micro-scholarships here. Is RaiseMe real? How do colleges know that Portfolio information is true? What is a Micro-Scholarship? Does the scholarship money come from RaiseMe? How many micro-scholarships are earned with each achievement? Can I earn from colleges at the same time?

What's the largest amount I can earn? If I earn micro-scholarships, can I still earn additional financial aid from that college? Article is closed for comments.We are a free scholarship search and application platform.

Personalized matching. Thousands of scholarships. What is Going Merry? More local scholarships Less competitive, easier to win.

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Auto-filled forms Never type the same thing twice. Bundled scholarships Apply for multiple scholarships, at once. Multi-platform Mobile app or Desktop, we've got you covered. Match Me to Scholarships. How it works. Build Your Profile. After signing up, you'll answer a few questions to fill out your basic profile.

Earn micro-scholarships for your high school achievements

Get Matched to Eligible Scholarships. Based on your answers, we'll match you to a list of scholarships you're eligible for. You can then further filter, favorite, or ignore. Apply For Scholarships.

You can apply for some scholarships directly from our platform. Save documents and essays, to re-use across applications. We even auto-fill your applications with your profile information. Get Started Now. Scholarship Winners who use Going Merry. Keep doing what you guys are doing! Find your perfect scholarship today. Start My Search. We work with top brands to bring you quality scholarships.Financial Aid.

Scholarships are awesome resources if you're checking out different ways to pay for college. It's free money after all—what's not to love? As it turns out, most scholarship programs have application processes that aren't exactly lovable.

Students generally have to submit a lot of information about themselves: transcripts, GPAs, test scores, resumes, community service activities, and so on. There might even be a few essays and grade requirements thrown in as well.

You don't want to complain—because, again, free money—but these applications sure are tedious when you're working on college apps, high school courses, and financial aid applications all at the same time. The following easy scholarships have application processes that are a bit more manageable.

Some ask you to write short essays, while others don't require any essays at all! The awards might not be as large as some other scholarships out there, but when the application process is so easy, you really don't have much to lose. I'll start off with some words of warning before getting into the good stuff: essay and no-essay scholarships that are so easy to apply for, you might end up applying to all of them!

Unfortunately, there aren't too many legitimate "easy" scholarships out there.

micro essay scholarship

If a scholarship application sounds too good to be true, be cautious—you don't want to fall victim to a scholarship scam!

Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time to get to the good stuff: all the best easy essay and non-essay scholarships and how to win them!

micro essay scholarship

These essays won't take you long at all, but they're a good excuse to set up at your favorite cafe. The scholarships in this section ask students to submit short essays with their applications. Even though you'll have to write an essay, the rest of the application and the essay itself should be easy and manageable for all these awards. In fact, most of these applications shouldn't take longer than one to two hours to complete.

This scholarship program is a bit different from most of the other awards included in this post—it's funded by a private law firm in Colorado. To compete for the award, applicants must explain in words why they think they deserve the scholarship. One essay must be related to travel and your career, and the other must explain why you should receive the scholarship.

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They hope to reopen to applications in The website MoneySolver. Each of these scholarships involves writing a short words, maximum essay about the topic at hand.Nearly everyone knows about academic scholarships to college, as well as athletic and institution-specific scholarships.

However, you may not about micro-scholarships, which are small scholarships based on student achievements during high school that colleges may offer you. Micro-scholarships are offered through platforms such as RaiseMe, which partners with colleges to offer high school students scholarships based on specific achievements. Students can begin trying to get micro-scholarships during their entire high school career, starting as early as the ninth grade.

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Some such student achievements that can lead to micro-scholarships from select colleges include accomplishments like earning an "A" in a specific course or having a leadership role in an extracurricular school activity. The majority of students do not earn that much, but every dollar counts toward the cost of college. To start earning micro-scholarships, students must first submit a portfolio through the RaiseMe platform.

Then they search for and start to "follow" specific institutions to see what would make them eligible for specific micro-scholarships. While micro-scholarships may not seem as big of a deal as a full or partial scholarship, dollars can add up and it can definitely help you pay for college. You may want to consider applying to at least one college that participates in offering micro-scholarships to have the option of finding out how much you can earn and compare it to other financial aid offers from other colleges you apply to.

Any scholarship — no matter how small — counts! Follow the Schools to Earn To start earning micro-scholarships, students must first submit a portfolio through the RaiseMe platform. A few other facts students should know are these: There is no exchange of cash to students — the micro-scholarships are provided to students as part of the financial aid package as a discount on tuition from a participating institution where they decide to enroll.

Micro-scholarships can't be transferred between colleges because they are awarded by the specific institution where a student enrolls. Students considering a gap year will not be eligible for micro-scholarships — they must still be high school students going directly to college to be eligible. Students who attend community college and want to transfer to a four-year institution can still benefit from RaiseMe — an initiative was launched in to enable transfer students to use two years of the micro-scholarships at the four-year institution they transfer to after community college.

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micro essay scholarship

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